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- Who We Are

We are a professional granite memorials importer established in Missouri, USA 2006.  We own factory oversea and have warehouse in the U.S., we operating on quality and honest instead of cutting corners to save cost

- What We Do

We focusing on you, the monument retailers' needs and design and delivering with high-quality granite memorials at a competitive price and timely manner.  We don't over promise you on our product and services but we do honor our words, and we are committed to deliver our promises.  Since 2006, we have quickly became well recognized by our customers in both U.S. and Canada as a trusted partner.  High praises are offered for quality products, detail-oriented service, timely deliveries and friendly and hassle-free customer service. From start to finish, customers are our top priority

- How Are We Different

We hired a number of experienced workers and carving masters to produce our memorials to superior quality as well as timely shipments. We devoting large amount of capital investments each year oversea to reserve some of the highly demanded high quality granite materials to ensured products for year round orders

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